About Us

Our Beginnings

Out and Up, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, was founded in August 2002. The organization was conceived by the late Pastor H. Larry Eason, who was newly appointed to Greater Little Rock Baptist church at that time. Pastor Eason met with interested members in his small congregation and others who were not members but were interested in seeing certain indigenous problems of the immediate community being addressed and remedied. Several meetings were held and a mission statement was adopted in response to the broad range of community concerns which the group envisioned addressing.

Mission Statement

The mission of Out and Up, Inc. is to provide services to the community that will enhance its physical, educational, emotional and spiritual development. The target population for services is those persons in the immediate two mile radius of our location at 961 Emory Avenue.

Our Community

The target population for services is those persons living in Census Tract 105.

  • 61% of individuals live below the poverty level
  • 49.9% of households in our community are headed by females with no husband present 2
  • Our local school system (Bibb County) has a 41% drop-out rate
  • More than 90% of the elementary students in our service area were economically disadvantaged
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